Signing off

Hello readers,

Well, where to start. As you notice I am posting this in English. Emails have reached me of my fellow LCG players starting to follow my blog. As a matter of fact, the second most visiters of my blog are from the US, which was quite great to read. If that was out of politeness, because I follow their blogs, or because they just wanted to read some jiberrish Dutch posts about birds for Morgoth’s sake, I don’t know. But, they made me feel obliged to post something. I won’t post anything more on this blog as I had some negative feedback and deemed it wiser to read more than to post. As some sort of ‘singing off’ I will post one last time here.

So, what will this post feature:

An announcement. I will probably start an LCG blog. Details have still to be figured out and filled in, but ever since I entered the LCG community, I felt that I wanted to be more part of it, make content instead of only consume. Thereby I take any advises on how to ‘design’ (tips about the lay-out) my new blog! I would really love for people to post some tips and tricks about that, maybe they have experience. Also, any names I should give my blog are taken in for thought. Some connection to Gandalf or Saruman would be cool or some other epic moment->name names would be great too.

To take this back to the name of this blog, DiedertBirding, which I actually came up with because one of the most significant journals of the Netherlands is called Dutch Birding or short DB, so my blog would have the same DB. 😉 Funny eh…

At the moment I am counting my total again, but last time I checked, my total numbers of species were 245. So I am almost at the 250 equator. For those who are not related with the world of birding, once I reach 300 species for the Netherlands, I’m in. Then I participate in the higher societies of the Dutch birders.

Anyhow, thanks for reading this and I hope you fare well on your daily duties.

May your days be, not without sorrow or grief, not always with happiness or joy, but may your days be as live brings them to you so that you will think at the end: “I have lived”.

Thank you